Orlando Adoption Network
Orlando Adoption Network Meetings
  • Differences, advantages and disadvantages of international versus domestic adoption
  • Upsides and downsides of open versus closed adoption
  • Special challenges of having biological and adopted children in the same family
  • Benefits and drawbacks of agency adoptions versus private adoption
  • Variety of opinions on whether to tell children they are adopted and when
  • Process of foster adoption and the special heart it takes
  • Many issues to consider when dealing with children of a different ethnicity
  • Intricacies of adopting from a relative
  • Various pros and cons of having an only child or several children
  • Issues of attachment that can accompany children of adoption
  • Feelings of adoptees as they are growing up, we have adults to ask!
  • Different opinions on labeling; having an "adoptive" family or "adopted" children
  • How to answer the question "where are my real parents?"

"We need a place where we can gather with pitch forks and torches and angrily complain about things from our perspective. Then put out the torches, throw down the pitch forks and grumble while we find a way to pay for it all."
-- Michael, OAN member

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